4 Ways To Use Rocks To Improve Your Landscape

Posted on: 2 August 2021

Owning a non-HOA home allows you to make changes as often as you please. The landscape is an excellent candidate because you can work on the front yard and backyard. While adding features and growing plants will improve the space, you can also incorporate rocks all around. Hire professionals and get strategical with rock usage to make your landscape special. Boulders An easy way to add rocks throughout your landscape is by bringing in large boulders. [Read More]

Soil Stabilization Solutions To Prepare For Construction Over Soft Terrain

Posted on: 21 July 2021

When you have to prepare for building over soft soil, there are many issues to consider. Sometimes, the soil needs to be hardened or stabilized to prepare for construction. Thus, you might need to find the right soil stabilization solutions for the needs of your home. The following information will help you with the soil stabilization you need to do before construction: Evaluating the Soil   The type of soil is an important factor to consider before choosing the right stabilization technique for your project. [Read More]

Sprinkler Water Pressure Low? Learn What To Do

Posted on: 21 June 2021

If the goal is to irrigate your lawn adequately, it is necessary that the water pressure within your sprinkler system be sufficient. Too little pressure will leave your grass, shrubs, and flowers underwatered, unhealthy, and possibly dead. If you suspect that you are experiencing a water pressure problem, learn about some of the measures you can take.  Contact the Municipal Water Company If issues with water pressure only happen every once and a while, you may want to contact your local water company first. [Read More]

How To Improve Sandy Garden Soil

Posted on: 21 May 2021

Sandy soil in the garden bed can be a major issue. Water drains quickly through sandy soil, which makes it difficult to keep plants properly irrigated. The fast water movement also carts away the nutrients your plants need. Fortunately, there are options for improving a sandy garden bed to make it more suitable for successful plant growth. 1. Add Organic Matter One reason soil is sandy is because it's made of minerals but little organic matter. [Read More]